Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Very First Post and I'll Tell You Why

So as you see, I've started a new, seperate blog from my standard blog. I decided to start Hunny Side Up because a couple people have told me lately that I don't look happy, or that I'm grumpier than I used to be. And I've noticed that I am leaning more towards the pessimistic side lately, and I have NO REASON. Yes, we're broke, but who isn't? I have a great husband, and beautiful son, 2 silly dogs, and a cat. I have wonderful family and friends. On Hunny Side Up, I'm only going to talk about the good things. I've heard that when you focus on the good news that your whole attitude changes, so that's what I'm aiming for. An attitude adjustment.


Adjustment #1:

This morning I put Greyson back to sleep after Zack left for work and he started giggling. I LOVE it when he giggles in his sleep. It makes me wonder what he's dreaming about, and I desperately would love to ask him. It just makes me smile! He's got to be dreaming of his dad blowing raspberries on his belly, or maybe the dog's whiskers tickling his face as they sniff him, or maybe his crazy, loopy mom. Another thing that never fails to make me smile is the dogs wagging their tails in their sleep.

Happiness doesn't get anymore pure than a sleeping baby giggling or a sleeping dog wagging its tail.

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