Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to turn these things into GOOD Things...?

What would you do to this? What color would you paint it? I'm thinking I want to change the color.... It's actually 2 separate pieces.

And then there's this spoon rack. I don't particularly like spoons but these were Zack's mom's so they're sentimental. I don't really like the spoon rack. I painted it the red color since I had the color on hand. It was a green with white speckles. What would you do with it? Or do you have another idea on how to display the spoons? Or do you know where I can find a more modern rack?



Good Thing #14

Puppy Breath

(#13 was Tangents, remember?)

What is it that's so great about puppy breath? I can't call it sweet, I can't call it sour, I can't call it creamy... it's just great. It's like all those things wrapped up in one! Clamp a yawning puppy to my nose and I'll love you forever. Instant pick me up. I mean, have you ever been mad around a box of puppies? No. Didn't think so.

Aw, I don't have any puppies myself currently, but here's a picture of Indie Bindie when she was a puppy...

Little cutiepatootie. She's a beagle/basset hound/black lab lol...


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Thing #12


I'll go crazy making plans! I guess it's all about the anticipation of all the fun to be had. Vacations, babies, projects, parties, and in particular Greyson's 1st Birthday :) I know most think it's probably too early to be planning his party, but unless you have a serious daydreaming problem like me, you can't possibly understand how excited I am. I'm not going to go all crazy and invite tons of people and spend tons of money (though admittedly if I HAD tons of money I SO would), but I excited for it all the same.

At first I was going to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a theme.

But then I figured I'd have to use too much food dye in making his cake green and red, and I don't want to pump him full of food coloring. So I've just decided to do like a Bugs and Picnic theme. I'm going to do a white on white cake (white frosting, white cake) and crumble Oreos on top for dirt, and put gummy worms on it for some bugs. I know he can't have gummy worms so they're mostly for aesthetic purposes. But, like my Aunt Chris says "Presentation is Everything". I mean seriously, if we only did things for pure functionality, imagine how boring that'd be. And I'm also going to use a checkerboard table cloth. And we'll probably have about 10 or 15 people. Aaand that's all I know for sure. We'll probably have a barbeque too since his birthday is July 3rd, and you can't have a party that close the the 4th of July without a barbeque. And I'm so happy that you can pretty much gaurantee nice weather too in July.
Now, MY birthday (which happens to be Sunday, write it down) is always crappy, weatherwise. It always snows :( that's what I get for being born in the Spring and living in the Rockies. But I feel that there's a pretty good chance that it just might be nice for once this time. It's been so beautiful out lately and I've got the peeling skin to prove it.
Did I mention Good Thing #13 is Tangents?

(And, VOTE FOR GREYSON! It takes 2 seconds, I'm not even kidding. Just click this link and click "Vote For Me", not just "Like" Vote as many times as you can! Sometimes it lets you do it more than once. We're currently 53rd out of I don't know how many. Hopefully we can move up tomorrow!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Thing #11

My Super Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yum, I'm made some last night! I love them because they're chewy without being soft (I don't really like them all crumbly.) Anyway, that's really all I have to say about them. I love 'em! And I've recently found that if you nuke them for about 10 seconds then they taste just like they popped out of them oven... Yes, mom, I know you don't like the microwave.... *sigh*...

Also, voting is still happening for Greyson's photo entry! Last I checked he has 23 "Likes" and the most I'd seen for a photo was about 45, so we need to get Liking!! Here's the link if you haven't voted already, and try to vote again if they'll let you!

It's super easy. Just click the link and vote and that's it! No signing up or anything!


So I entered Greyson into a photo contest on (the website for the magazine) and would really really REALLY appreciate if you could vote for us! All you have to do is click the link. The photo with the most votes wins the week and is entered into the running for the Kid of the Year contest!

Thanks and xoxoxoxoxox


This counts as a Good Thing, right?
I don't know why the link is so little.... oh well...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Thing #10 (Yes! Double Digits!)

Thinking You're a Size $@#% and Finding You're Actually a Size Smaller
---I tried to post the picture of them, but I guess VS didn't want me to :(---

Blue London Jean
VS Hipster Short

So I went out on a limb and bought some shorts. If you know me, you know that I really don't wear shorts. Ever. I have a leg complex. Skirts for some reason I can do, but shorts I've never been comfortable with. Maybe because for some mysterious reason, my legs NEVER TAN. I can't get them to, no matter what! But I bought some honest-to-God shorts (from Victoria's Secret no less) because since I've had Greyson, I'm actually 13 lbs lighter than I was BEFORE Greyson! I don't know where I lost it though because I'm pretty much in my same clothes, though I guess they do fit better since they aren't as tight. Anyway, I ordered these shorts in a specific size because I'm ALWAYS at LEAST this certain size (no, it's none of your business exactly what size that is) and guess what? They were too big! Like I could "Pinch an Inch" (x2) in the waist! Now, maybe the VS marketing people are geniuses and purposely mark their clothes so they run a little big so all us Average Gals who look at the Angels and feel better that we fit into their sizes. But if that's true, then I still don't care, because I'M A SIZE SMALLER, dammit. :)

So, yes, I will be wearing shorts this year.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Thing #9

Warm and Sunny Days
(Especially Welcome as a Post-Winter Surprise!)

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. There's been quite a few beautiful days in the last few weeks, but G and I haven't really been able to enjoy it because we were stuffing envelopes and/or sick. So I just couldn't see myself keeping G couped up in the house all day, so as a last minute decision, we hooked up with another mommy-friend and her little girl and hit the park. It wasn't windy so we didn't get any of the coolness coming off of the mountains where there's still snow, and I don't remember seeing any clouds. Spring is def-definitely here. And even though it made its presence a little too well known by giving me a surprise sunburn (luckily G didn't get burned), I'm oh so happy that Winter has passed. We had lunch at the park by the river, I indulged G with a couple french-fries (baaaaad mommy), the babies wrestled, and we went for a great walk. It was an awesome day, and totally worthy of Good Thing #9...

Tomorrow will hopefully be a repeat day (sunscreen included), Lawd and weather willing....


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Thing #8

The Ocean
 I know that she has less than a great reputation right now after all the destruction, but I still can't help but love the Ocean. I'll admit that I'm probably a little more wary of her now that I don't live near by and now that I'm older. I used to not think twice about going out far in the surf, past the breaking of the waves. But I'd be more cautious now. That doesn't mean my feelings have changed though. Much to my mother's despair, I'd love to live close to the Ocean again. It'll always be a part of me, even if I am stuck in the mountains.

Anyway, this is a picture of a beach near Los Angeles that I took 2 Summers ago. Jeez Louise, I'd love to be there right now! It's cold here!

And this is one on a gloomier day in San Diego...

And then on the same gloomy day there's me 2 Summers ago, the Summer I fondly refer to as my Tan Summer... maybe I'll have to make this year another Tan Summer :)

Anyway there it is! Good Thing #8. And I LOVE it! Hopefully we'll at least be able to visit the Ocean sometime soon. I'd love to see Greyson's reaction, even though I have a sneaky suspicion he'll be a little frightened of how huge and loud it is... But he'll get over it, the Beach is just too much fun!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Thing #7

I have a deep love for Vintage Cowboy Boots

These are not mine. But I'd love to have them! These are Miss Capezios and they're beautiful. I do believe back in the day you could find Britney Spears wearing these (Pre-Crazy) and she made this style popular. But Miss Capezios are a really great cowboy boot for women because aside from the decoration, the style is very feminine and curvy. Plus that sky high (for a cowboy boot) stacked heal is way too cool. I'd have a ton of vintage boots if I could afford them. But good and cute ones run about $200. AND then you'd probably have to buy them online because you can't find the good ones at the store, and that's always iffy because you can never be sure of the fit. I do have a pair of Miss Capezios but they're a cordovan color and instead of an inlaid leather butterfly design, mine are stitched butterflies. And I love them. 

Oh, and that's how I met my amazing pen pal, Hazel. I sold her sister-in-law a pair of vintage boots that didn't fit right (yep, bought them online) and out of that international transaction, I found my Irish friend! Just a side note to say that she's awesome.

Anyway, the boots I'd kill for are these ones:

Do they look familiar???

Now, I'm no particular fan of Jessica Simpson's. I think she's alright. However I'm convinced that if I had these boots I'd have a booty and bod just like this chick. Someday I'll have these boots, I just hope I'm not too old to rock 'em when that day comes.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Break from Good Things to Talk About Some Good People

Alright, I don't know what it is about my particular group of friends, but not many of you have a blog! I look at my friends in California and they have tons of friends with blogs, and my family in Arizona have tons of friends with blogs! So what gives? I want to know what you're up to! So I've made a list of a few people who I think would make awesome bloggers...

Valen C. You'd be a great blogger. Not only are you creative visually, but you're a great writer and you have a fierce opinion. And I miss you! So it'd sort of be a way for us to keep posted in each others lives.

Brit M. You're getting ready to go to Thailand, need I say more?? What a cool topic to have to be able to blog about and share with us in little ol' Durango. And I know we won't be able to Skype and text much when you're gone, so it'd be a great way to keep up, and share pictures! Lord knows I want to see some pictures!

Amy L. my Sis-in-Law in California (I had to be specific - I have TWO SILs named Amy L.)! I don't talk to you or my brother very much, and I'd love to be in the loop with what's up with you all. I do love you guys and really hope to see you soon. And the kids are getting HUGE and I'm missing it!

Francesca F. Oh Francesca Francesca Francesca.... I KNOW you have a lot to say! You've got a strong opinion about things and the injustices in the world. PLUS you're getting ready to leave me for Phoenix and it'd be a way cool way to keep up with you. And if you really do get to New Zealand, you could post tons of pictures to make us all jealous!

Erin T. You have a blog, but you haven't used it in FOREVER. So you just need to blog more. You're kooky and fun and a little dark and I love it!

Jessica JP. You have 2 kids, I know you have stuff to blog about. ;) I'd love to know what you've been up to since I left California...

Sondra H. We hadn't seen or talked to each other since the 6th Grade! But thanks to Facebook, we're in touch, and I've found that you turned out to be one the coolest girls I've had the pleasure to know, and I'd read any blog you had every day even if it was just a tiny post because you always have fun things to say!

Jeff/John/Joe/Sommer. You guys were a part of my childhood that I love! Sommer you were always so caring and sweet and now you have 2 beautiful little girls and that's all I know! I also think you have a farm somewhere in the NW? So I'd love to know more and see more pictures of your life. And then there's the boys - that's all I need to say. :) You always have something witty, funny, and slightly snarky to say and I love it!

Harmony C. I love you and miss you, my best friend since kindergarten! No one else can ever hold that title! I want to keep up with your life even though we only talk about once every 6 months. And I think if we were able to know what's going on in each other's lives then we'd have more to talk about!

If I didn't mention you, don't take it personally! I want to know EVERYONE's story. Yes I will proudly call myself a blogstalker. But you'll know I'm around because I will leave comments! So there - go start a blog. It's free and easy!!

*steps off soapbox*

Good Thing #6

Red, Red Lipstick
I love red lipstick. I would love to wear it all the time. Maybe it's just Durango, but I feel that if I slapped on some red lips just to go to the grocery store that I'd be waaay too dressed up, even if I was in my frumpiest of clothes. But rest assured that next time I get to dress up a little, I'll wear it! It's so bold and gutsy, and can be just the oomph you need to get your confidence rising. The color of the lipstick in the picture is Maybelline Color Sensation Lip Color in Red Revival. I love this color. It's a good shade of red for me, and it's super creamy and matte. I'm not a big fan of shimmer. But picking a red lip color is tricky tricky! There are rules, you know? Like if you have thinner lips, go with a brighter red because it'll make your lips look fuller. And if you have full lips you can get away with darker reds because it'll make your lips look thinner (just like black can make you look slimmer.) And you have to take in to consideration your skin tone as well, because reds can have too much pink undertone or blue undertone... so complicated! But, when you find your right red color, watch out! You'll feel empowered!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Thing #5

Avocado on Toast with Italian Dressing


One of my favorite snacks or light meals ever. My friend in California Harmony taught me this one, so she gets all the credit. She grew up in an avocado grove. Anyway, it's really as simple as it sounds, yet oh so delicious.  I typically use one half of an avocado on one slice of toast and then drizzle a little Italian dressing on top, and it's wonderful. If you don't have Italian dressing, I've also done a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar or you could just do some plain old salt and pepper. But it's SO yummy. Dang.... wish I had an avocado. But I live in Colorado so they're like $3 each. That's an exaggeration but still, they're expensive!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Favorite Thing #4

Chicken Sandwiches

Hahahahaha....! I couldn't find a picture of the kind of chicken sandwich I like, but I found this one! What a cutie!

Anyway, I love chicken sandwiches. But I like them very plain. All I want is the chicken on toasted bread with mayo and that's it. It's just so yummy! I don't need lettuce or tomato, or cheese or avocado. Just chicken, mayo, and toast.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Thing #3

The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice

I LOVE this book.

It's a coming-of-age book set in 1950's England. It's about a "penniless toff" (a broke socialite) Penelope who is trying to escape her beautiful mother's shadow and who would love to experience Post-War freedom and luxuries but just plain isn't outgoing enough. Then she meets Charlotte who has no problem being adventurous. And Charlotte has a cousin named Harry whom Penelope fights feelings for. It's all about soda-pop, fancy parties, and pop-stars. I've probably read this book, oh, 10+ times. It's my go-to book for when I don't know what to read, or if I'm traveling and need a book to pack. I should invest in a hardcover because my paperback is looking pretty worn out....

(P.S. Sorry I'm a day or so late on posting. I've been and still am super sick, and Greyson is too. So I'll be a little delayed...)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Number 2:

Coca-Cola on Ice with Lemon

Thanks to my sister, I LOVE a Coke with lemon! Not the canned Coke with lemon flavor but real coke in a cup with ice and a real lemon wedge. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the lemon counteracts the sweetness of the Coke, but I SO love it. I love it so much that I NEVER buy Coke to keep at my house because that's all I would drink, so I treat myself to it whenever I go out to eat. I think another reason I love it so much is that when I was pregnant I was very good and rarely let myself have caffeine (I think they say that a little caffeine is fine now, but still, I was being cautious.)

So, Cheers!

Oooh while I was looking for a picture of Coke with lemon I found a great idea! Coke with GINGER and lemon!!! That sounds yummy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

50 Favorite Things (and then some)...

Alright, Operation: Be Happy is under way! I decided a few days ago to compose a list of 50 things that I like/love/make me happy and why they make me happy and the list just keeps going on and on! So I thought "There! There's my blog theme..." So I'll try to post one a day of the things that make me Happy.

Number 1: Oh, Sookie, Sookie...!

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, by Charlaine Harris

When I started reading the novel series I had never seen TruBlood the show. And I wanted to read all the books before I watched the show so that the way I view the characters in the book weren't skewed by how they're meant to be perceived in the show. And I'm so glad I did! For one thing I LOVE Sookie in the books, and in the show I think she's a little ditsy-er and not at all as brave and normal and she is in the books. I mean granted, she IS a telepath so that's not normal but she's just a regular girl who gets caught up in the supernatural world who happens to be able to read/"hear" minds. So I love her in the books, and in the books I don't really like Bill so much as I do Eric because he's cocky and funny, and remarkably caring for a 1000 year old ruthless vampire. I also like Alcide Herveaux and Quinn (both shifters; Alcide turns into a werewolf, and Quinn turns into the rare weretiger), but they haven't been in the show so far that I've seen (I'm only half-way through Season 2, via NetFlix). Oh! And I love Amelia too, who in later books is Sookie's friend and roommate, and she's a witch. The books are so fun to read, easy to read, and carry you away. I love them, and I'm currently in the process on rereading them. And there's TEN of them! So it keeps me occupied for a good chunk of time. So yes, I HIGHLY reccomend. I'm trying to get Zack to read them, but so far, no go.

Oh and I'm pretty sure my favorite book so far of the series is Book 4 called Dead to the World because it's where Sookie finally starts getting feelings for Eric (granted he has amnesia for most of this book which turns him into an adorable, vulnerable Eric, but still!)

UPDATE: Gasp!! In searching for a photo of a Sookie Stackhouse book to post with the blog, I've found that Book 11: Dead Reckoning is coming out May 3rd!!!! Yay!!!!!!! By the way, if you'd like to borrow them, I DO have the box set of 8 AND the following 9th and 10th books :)