Saturday, November 26, 2011


Alright, I take back saying that this pregnancy is so far just like being pregnant with Greyson. A few days ago I started to feel crappy and it's gotten progressively worse, yet it's still not to the point where I have to actually throw up. Maybe I'm just actually getting sick? Greyson has a small cold but other than his nose running like a maniac, he seems fine. I just don't know. I'll be 6 weeks on Monday, so I guess if I actually am going to get morning sickness then now's about the time it'll show up, right?

And all I seem to want is junk food followed. Like, ICEEs and brownies and Sour Patch Kids <I'm indulging in these right now. I'm pretty positive that I didn't want junk food with Greyson, I think I actually craved healthier stuff.

So if my cravings are any indication of what this kid will be like, he or she will be cranky, chubby, and lazy. But on the plus side they'll have great skin :)

And that's all the energy I have for today....

I'll have to blog about my monsters soon :)


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