Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Differences of being pregnant for the second time... (not talking about symptoms)

So, this has been really irking me since "coming out" with being pregnant, and I've been meaning to blog about it (because that's what we do when we have opinions, right?) When I got pregnant with Greyson, everyone was SO excited, yay it's your first baby, congratulations, etc. It was a really easy, uneventful pregnancy that was actually really fun to go through and experience all the changes and growth of this amazing little life. Now that we are pregnant again, I'm getting a lot of hesitancy from almost everyone. Like, "You are?" And little comments about finances have come up and it really ruins everything for a moment. I get a lot of skeptical looks from people and I don't have to be any Sookie Stackhouse to know that they're thinking I'm an idiot for having another baby.
The only people I get genuine positive reactions from are other young moms (by the way I'm not even THAT young my mom-standards. I'll be 24 when #2 is born, ok? Just apparently everyone still thinks I'm straight out of high school still.) and of course from my own mom. I'm grateful for my friends and fellow struggling young parents - it's definitely not easy. But you know what, it is entirely worth every week that goes by wondering if the cable will be turned off. I mean if my biggest concern as a mostly-stay-at-home-mom is whether or not we can afford the luxury of 300 channels, then I have no room to complain, which means no one else has the right to judge my priorities. Yes, we struggle. But big flippin' deal. Show me someone who hasn't and I'll show you a liar.
I'm excited about my new baby. I'm excited to see Greyson as a big brother and to have someone for him to play with. I'm excited to see Zack with all kinds of little kids hanging from his pant legs. I'm excited to have holiday traditions for these tiny souls and to show them how be respectful and considerate humans, while still being able to stand up for themselves.
So there. I know the difficulties ahead of us, but I also know which things are important. And money isn't one of them.

That being said, here's a little pregnancy update: I'm only 7 weeks, and I won't have my first doctor's appointment until after the new year, but everything is going smoothly. I'm not showing, but I have a definite curve in my lower abdomen that tells me things are growing! I wouldn't say I have morning sickness (though there was about a week there when I did have it) but now it's like I feel like I do the day after getting over the flu. Not quite right, but good enough. And cravings galore! Nothing in particular, it changes by the hour. And if I don't act on it, then I miss that window to eat something and I starve because I can't find anything that sounds good, so I force myself to eat a bagel or something. I never really have cravings with Greyson, but this one's got me all crazy. I can't go to the store very effectively anymore.... I come home with a deli sun sandwich, popcorn chicken, and all the ingredients for chocolate cake. So now I'm making sure I bring a list.

and here's a picture of #1 just because he's adorable :)


  1. You go, girl! Dont let anyone talk you down! It's just like when you get pregnant for the first time and everyone who has been pregnant before you suddenly has all this "advice" for you on what you should and shouldnt be doing. Sometimes it's genuine, whereas other times it just feels like you're not doing it right, when that doesnt even make any sense because each person is different and every pregnancy is individual. No one has the right to make you feel like that.

    WE are excited for you and Zack!! Your new baby will be precious and so loved. I'm sure there are differences with a second pregnancy because everyone has already seen you go through one, and you yourself have already experienced it, but that doesnt make it any less exciting than the first one. Enjoy every minute (and blog more!!) instead of feeling down about other people's useless reactions or opinions. Everyone, EVERYONE, has financial issues. As long as you're not living on the street or in a bad condition where it's not safe for a child, you have all the right in the world to add to your family. Things always work out in the end. A lot of people always try to be "settled" and whatnot before they have kids, but I dont abide by that rule because you never know what the future holds and something not so good could happen later on. It's just not logical. Live in the moment and enjoy it!!

    Take care, Christal!

  2. Im sorry you are feeling this and dont feel supportave. I totally support you and think it is great!!! I cant wait to have a new baby in our family. Money will always come and go. We will always be broke weather we have 1 kids or 15. You will make it happen. When it comes to babies I believe all you do need is LOVE <3. You will find ways to afford a new blessing. I get that look all the time when Im with the 3 boys at the store. People think Im like 21 and assume I have different dads and Im crazy and selfish for having "so many" kids. Keep your head up!! Love you, Greyson and my little neice/nephew!!

  3. Wow, your little guy is so adorable. And those comments are SO BAD...I really got them when I was pregnant with our third. People even played the "over-population" card. Uncool.

    So many congratulations on your pregnancy. Even though it's insane, I'm always like "oh, maybe I could just have ONE MORE."

    And then I snap back into reality --- "Janelle! You can hardly handle the three you have!"

  4. You rock! This post rocks! You're not too young! I'm younger, lol! People were like that when we were pregnant with Sydney too, it sucks your right. A food friend of mine (who is 28) was 27 when pregnant with her second son and her I laws replied to the news with " are you crazy" everyone thinks they could do it, but we can't. It's just the older generations mentality. They will never see us as old enough so don't let it get to you. We struggle at times too, but like you said we are willing to cut concers in some areas to allow for the beauty that is our family. You old your head high and be proud! You're an awesome mom, Zack is a great provider and you will rock this! I'm as happy as can be for you! I'm 23 with two kids it's doable, it's hard some days but beyond amazing most! More power to you!