Sunday, July 17, 2011

I won the bet :)

First of all, let me tell you that I'm claiming amnesia AND pleading the 5th as to why I haven't been writing - I have no excuse (other than being way too flippin' busy) and am ashamed :'(

Anyway, back to the blog...

Yesterday, I texted Zack and told him that Snoopy's making salmon for dinner. (By the way, Snoopy is what we call my step mom, and she and my dad are here visiting.) To which Zack replied "Sweet!" So later that night Zack tells me that I told him that Snoopy was making swordfish (Zack's had a hankering for Snoopy's swordfish for the last two years) and I said "No, I said salmon." And I bet him a month's worth of dishes that I was right and he ACCEPTED, the nerd. So we check our texts and yes of course, I'm right. Fellas, if a girl bets you a month's worth of dishes, she's pretty damn sure she's right.

So Zack was all wounded that he lost so I thought of an alternative, and that being that he has to give me a present every day for a month. It doesn't have to be anything that costs money, just something sweet or thoughtful or nice or cute, etc. Which I think is perfect because that 's the kind of cute things people do when they're dating, you know? Still trying to woo, so to speak, which is exactly what I need - to be wooed.

So today has been Day 1 of Dishes or Gift Month, and this lucky girl has her dishes done AND some new, homegrown fancy tomatoes! Score....!

My beautiful tomatoes

My beautiful dish-less sink

And my cupboard full of my beautifully clean cups


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