Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greyson's Music Video Favs

This little honey of mine LOVES music. I hope that sticks with him. I'd love for little hearts to swoon over him and his guitar (or drums or whatever).

We watch a lot of country music videos in our house for a couple reasons. Number 1: the "non-country" music channels (i.e. VH1, MTV) hardly ever have music videos and when they do they're in between 10 minutes of commercials. And #2: We like country. So if you don't, then you can deal with it or I guess we can't be friends...

Anyway, here's Greyson FAVORITE music videos. He'll literally stop whatever he's doing to watch these and be still and silent until they're over.

SugarLand, Tonight

 I had put this one from Sugarland on my facebook, so for those of you who are my facebook friend, this might be slightly repetitive.... But I think Greyson's got to like this one because she rolls around on a bed a lot and after all, he's a boy :)

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, Don't You Wanna Stay

So there you go! Greyson's Music Video Favs


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