Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Thing #25: Learning to talk

We all know that my 30 Day Photo Challenge bit the dust, so let's just squash that right now.

In other news, Greyson has a small vocabulary! He says, "Ball", "Night Night", "Bye", "Hi", "Hello", "No", "Nose", "Eyes", and variations of the sort. Though he seems to think "Night Night" means "Boobs", but that's my own fault. But it is so fun when he says something new, and imitates the sounds you make. Which brings me to another point, that I seriously need to watch what I say! I'm not a cusser - as far as anyone knows. I suppose I'm a closet-sailormouth. Which is a problem because when your baby is small you don't think about what you say, and you get used to that. But now, I have to really watch it. Greyson's probably heard me swear more than anyone on the planet. So that's something I have to work on.

He is SO close to walking. Actually today he was standing on his own and sort of rocked back and forth from one foot to the other! So we did a little celebratory crazy-shake and squealed (oh yes, he's going to have that embarrassingly giddy mom at the awards assemblies).

Have you checked out Renegade Mothering yet? I think it's my favorite blog by far. So here's the link (click here) Janelle is her name, and she's effing hilarious, and edgy, and will say everything you're thinking outloud. I like her! Actually while connecting that link, I got sidetracked reading this post :D


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  1. yay for G!!!! My photo challenge bit the dust too. After one day!