Monday, May 9, 2011

65% saved - I'm getting better!

So I did a Walgreens run and saved 65% :)

(4) 1lb bags of Rold Gold Pretzels
(2) Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap
(10) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
(2) Pantene Shampoo
(2) Pantene Conditioner
(2) Nature Valley Granola Bars
(2) Fiber One Granola Bars
(3) Palmolive Dishsoap
(4) Mitchum Deoderant
(4) Colgate Toothpaste
(10) Hershey Dark Chocolate Bars
(1) Neutrogena Lip Balm

And I got $5 in Register Rewards for next time. So my total was $71.91 - $10.00 in RR from last time so I paid $61.91 out of pocket. But with the $5 in RR it's sort of like I paid $56.91 because you know I'll be going back. My total would have been $165.90. So yep, I'm getting better!

Oh, AND the girl gave me this free tote and a bunch of samples that she had left over from Mother's Day!

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