Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Thing #23: The little things...

You know how your heart can melt? Well, mine I'm pretty sure is in a puddle sloshing in my shoes. This little son of mine is too awesome and adorable. He's starting to figure things out and it's amazing to watch him do things for the first time. Like a week or two ago he had his brush in his hand and was trying to brush his own hair and I about peed my pants out of excitement, just because he now knows what things are for and what you do with them! Then the other night during his bath he picked up his face cloth and started rubbing his face with it - so cute! And last night he was trying to shove his shoe onto his foot. Oh yes, I'm jello for this kid....

In other news, my sometimes-sweet baby sister is graduation high school in a couple weeks which is totally weird. And only a couple weeks after that she's moving to Phoenix. Crazy! I've never lived more than 30 minutes away from her. And my dad and stepmom (aka Snoopy) are coming out for it so I'm super excited to see them and for them to see Greyson. They haven't seen him since he was about 2 weeks old (excluding Skype dates).

And speaking of visiting family, Zack's dad and stepmom are going to be able to make it for Greyson's 1st Birthday!

AND the 11th Sookie Stackhouse novel came out this month and I just got it in the mail! I have to finish what I'm currently reading (The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory - I've already read it a few times. It's delicious) before I can start Dead Reckoning.

I've also decided to put a cease and desist order on all paper towel usage in my house after what we have is used up. I've found these UNpaper towels online and am going to make my own out of this patterned flannel.
So I'm doing polka-dot on one side and the camo on the other. I've got 2 whole yards of each so I can probably make at least 32 UNpaper towels if they're all the same size, but I'll probably make a few that are a little smaller than paper towel size too, for you know, variety. Zack's not going to like not having paper towels, but he'll get used to it. I rarely use them any way, only to wipe Greyson's face after a meal and flannel cloth will be so much softer and I could probably use the same one for a whole day's worth of meals. I'm going to pack up the paper towel holder and just fold these up and store them on the window sill. :) Hopefully I'll get started on this tomorrow. I'll post pictures :)

And I've started watching a little girl on Tuesdays! She's super cute and makes me marvel at how big Greyson is getting. She's only 3.5 months so it's a big size difference. It really puts into perspective that Greyson really isn't that little of a baby anymore and compared to Lila, he's a great big kid-boy.

Also, I've got a couple new followers! Whoop! Thanks for sticking around! I was doing really good there for awhile posting something every day, but I sort of dropped off the planet there for a little while. I'm going to try to start posting damn near every day again, I promise.

Hm, well, that about catches you up with me! Hope everyone's doing well and good!


Oh, by the way, these are awesome and comfy and they're my first Crocs ever (mostly because I never considered my self cool enough to wear the dorky old-school Crocs) I got them in navy but they have other colors...

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