Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greyson's 1st Bee-day

I'm so excited for Greyson's 1st birthday. Who'd've thought that I'd be able to take care of a human being 24/7, for 365 days straight, and get their boogies, and dig kibble out of their mouth, and rinse poo off them, and still love more than anything in the world?? So yes, I'm planning a party. I was originally going to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a theme but I've decided on Bees and a Barbecue instead. Bees because I call him my little honey, and a barbecue because it'll be a barbecue potluck. And even though I won't send them out for another month or so, I've already made birthday invitations!

Almost done....


It was really fun making them and didn't take me too long, surprisingly. The invites pretty much sum up the colors I'm using: black, white, yellow, and red and probably some orange. Everything I do is all hodge-podge but it usually ends up coming together in the end, so I'm not worried or stressed or Momzilla about it at all. I just want a party with people we love, who love Greyson too, and to take lots of great pictures, and have fun on a sunny day by the river.

Some people don't make very big deals out of 1st birthday parties. The argument that the baby won't remember much, the baby won't participate much, etc... But babies grow up. And I'll want to remember him as a little tiny thing when he towers over me at 6'. And I'm sure he'll want to see pictures of his 1st birthday when he's grown some. So for right now, his party is for me and in a few years we'll all be glad we did it.

I've looked up 1st birthday traditions from around the world, and almost everybody does a huge feast. One thing I like that the Chinese do is a little fortune telling game: They place the baby on the floor in the middle of a circle arranged with things like books, money, a truck, a tool, etc.... and whichever thing the baby goes for is what the baby might end up doing in life. Like if he reaches for the money maybe he'll be rich, or if he reaches for a tool maybe he'll be handy, etc... And they think that tigers bring protection to babies - maybe I'll have to get him a little tiger-something.

Indian (like from India, not Native Americans) get their head shaved. Yeah, we won't be doing that.

Australians eat something called Fairy Bread. Basically it's buttered bread covered in sprinkles....

Lol one site says that in Germany if a man is still unmarried at 30, they make him sweep the stairs of City Hall and his friends keep throwing dirt and rock on he stairs so he's always sweeping, that way the ladies know that he's still available....

And my friend Hazel ought to be able to tell me if this is true, but apparently in Ireland they pick the kid up by his feet and bump his head on the ground for every year plus another time for good luck. She's Irish so I'll have to ask if they really do that.

And in Argentina they pull your ear lobe for every year you've been alive, plus one for good luck. That one for good luck thing is pretty universal. I guess it's probably meant to fake out Fate.

Anyway, there's some things you might not have known when you woke this morning:)


P.S. I made scones!


  1. Haha you're so cute! I love your invitations - they're adorable and so creative. And I dont blame you one bit.... I will definitely be doing a 1st birthday for Anistynn, along with all her others :) I dont care if she wont remember, but there will definitely be pictures to remember! And we'll update a page in her baby book for it as well. So she'll have those memories. And it will be special for us parents to have too. You will certainly be glad you did it. And that's funny that you have the invites done already....I've actually looked at 1st birthday stuff already and my baby isnt even born yet! You can never be too prepared.. ;) I love all the facts too - that Fairy Bread is quite interesting!

  2. The invitations turned out so cute, I love em :] I laughed about the single men in Germany! Kempers parties haven't been any huge ordeals, but he has fun nonetheless and he still gets that we're celebrating him. Let me know if you want any help, I'd love to :]

  3. Nathans room is all muralled walls and one way has a tiger sleeping right next to his bed...for good luck! Figured since we were doing a jungle themed room we might as well try to toss a little luck in there! :-)