Monday, May 9, 2011

Super great weekend....

It's the Monday after a great weekend, and I just wanted to share :)

Friday was super busy and tiring because on Saturday we were having our first ever yard sale. I was sort of nervous because what if no one showed up? I think it'd feel the same if no one showed up for your birthday. So I was timidly pricing all our "one man's trash in another man's treasure" stuff feeling a little iffy about the whole thing. I put an ad in the paper, put up signs and balloons, cleaned everything off, Zack was bringing home some rental tables. We were trying hard to make in good. And it totally paid off! We had SO many people show up. The signs and the ad CLEARLY stated that the sale would start at 9am but people starting showing up at 7:30am. Which was totally fine. If you want to buy my stuff you can show up at any time! I forgot to take a picture of our beginning spread but I do have a cute picture of Greyson helping me get the signs ready on Friday:

And here he is at the yard sale:

Oh! And here's the boys obviously very anxious and excited to help me the morning of the yard sale:

So we made a good amount of money - a lot more than expected -  and got rid of some junk, and got some sun which made it a really great day.

Then Sunday was Mother's day - my first one ever :)

I put a new-to-us shirt on Greyson and dragged Zack to church with me.

 Then we went and bought some newspapers so I can get the coupons, and then we went to Fuzziwigs (sp?) and Zack bought me some chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's day (and later I told him that he also bought me a wallet and a purse :) ). Then we came home, and Zack did the dishes and grilled some pork chops for dinner!

So yep, it was great.

Oh! Did I tell you Greyson is "cruising" now? Cruising is where the baby pulls himself up to stand up on/next to furniture/window sills/ etc....

Hope everyone else had a super great weekend, too!


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