Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Thing #10 (Yes! Double Digits!)

Thinking You're a Size $@#% and Finding You're Actually a Size Smaller
---I tried to post the picture of them, but I guess VS didn't want me to :(---

Blue London Jean
VS Hipster Short

So I went out on a limb and bought some shorts. If you know me, you know that I really don't wear shorts. Ever. I have a leg complex. Skirts for some reason I can do, but shorts I've never been comfortable with. Maybe because for some mysterious reason, my legs NEVER TAN. I can't get them to, no matter what! But I bought some honest-to-God shorts (from Victoria's Secret no less) because since I've had Greyson, I'm actually 13 lbs lighter than I was BEFORE Greyson! I don't know where I lost it though because I'm pretty much in my same clothes, though I guess they do fit better since they aren't as tight. Anyway, I ordered these shorts in a specific size because I'm ALWAYS at LEAST this certain size (no, it's none of your business exactly what size that is) and guess what? They were too big! Like I could "Pinch an Inch" (x2) in the waist! Now, maybe the VS marketing people are geniuses and purposely mark their clothes so they run a little big so all us Average Gals who look at the Angels and feel better that we fit into their sizes. But if that's true, then I still don't care, because I'M A SIZE SMALLER, dammit. :)

So, yes, I will be wearing shorts this year.


  1. Nice! :) I'm like that too, with the shorts. I looove skirts, but I've never been truly comfortable in shorts. The only shorts I ever really wore (besides when I was wayyy younger) were workout shorts over tights for dance. I dont tan easily either and maybe that's why (or maybe because I'm short so I feel like my legs arent long and lean which make all the shorts look good on those types of models) but I just honestly never felt comfortable in them. I'm a skirt / sundress / capris kind of gal ;)