Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Thing #7

I have a deep love for Vintage Cowboy Boots

These are not mine. But I'd love to have them! These are Miss Capezios and they're beautiful. I do believe back in the day you could find Britney Spears wearing these (Pre-Crazy) and she made this style popular. But Miss Capezios are a really great cowboy boot for women because aside from the decoration, the style is very feminine and curvy. Plus that sky high (for a cowboy boot) stacked heal is way too cool. I'd have a ton of vintage boots if I could afford them. But good and cute ones run about $200. AND then you'd probably have to buy them online because you can't find the good ones at the store, and that's always iffy because you can never be sure of the fit. I do have a pair of Miss Capezios but they're a cordovan color and instead of an inlaid leather butterfly design, mine are stitched butterflies. And I love them. 

Oh, and that's how I met my amazing pen pal, Hazel. I sold her sister-in-law a pair of vintage boots that didn't fit right (yep, bought them online) and out of that international transaction, I found my Irish friend! Just a side note to say that she's awesome.

Anyway, the boots I'd kill for are these ones:

Do they look familiar???

Now, I'm no particular fan of Jessica Simpson's. I think she's alright. However I'm convinced that if I had these boots I'd have a booty and bod just like this chick. Someday I'll have these boots, I just hope I'm not too old to rock 'em when that day comes.


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