Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Thing #6

Red, Red Lipstick
I love red lipstick. I would love to wear it all the time. Maybe it's just Durango, but I feel that if I slapped on some red lips just to go to the grocery store that I'd be waaay too dressed up, even if I was in my frumpiest of clothes. But rest assured that next time I get to dress up a little, I'll wear it! It's so bold and gutsy, and can be just the oomph you need to get your confidence rising. The color of the lipstick in the picture is Maybelline Color Sensation Lip Color in Red Revival. I love this color. It's a good shade of red for me, and it's super creamy and matte. I'm not a big fan of shimmer. But picking a red lip color is tricky tricky! There are rules, you know? Like if you have thinner lips, go with a brighter red because it'll make your lips look fuller. And if you have full lips you can get away with darker reds because it'll make your lips look thinner (just like black can make you look slimmer.) And you have to take in to consideration your skin tone as well, because reds can have too much pink undertone or blue undertone... so complicated! But, when you find your right red color, watch out! You'll feel empowered!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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