Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to turn these things into GOOD Things...?

What would you do to this? What color would you paint it? I'm thinking I want to change the color.... It's actually 2 separate pieces.

And then there's this spoon rack. I don't particularly like spoons but these were Zack's mom's so they're sentimental. I don't really like the spoon rack. I painted it the red color since I had the color on hand. It was a green with white speckles. What would you do with it? Or do you have another idea on how to display the spoons? Or do you know where I can find a more modern rack?



1 comment:

  1. As far as the spoons go... could you do some sort of patten in a shadow box, so that they would become a piece of art almost?

    And for the color of the hutch, what about a rich chocolate brown... lighter than what it is, but something that would kind of pop off the color of you're flooring in there?

    Just some ideas! GL! :)

    ~ Di