Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Thing #8

The Ocean
 I know that she has less than a great reputation right now after all the destruction, but I still can't help but love the Ocean. I'll admit that I'm probably a little more wary of her now that I don't live near by and now that I'm older. I used to not think twice about going out far in the surf, past the breaking of the waves. But I'd be more cautious now. That doesn't mean my feelings have changed though. Much to my mother's despair, I'd love to live close to the Ocean again. It'll always be a part of me, even if I am stuck in the mountains.

Anyway, this is a picture of a beach near Los Angeles that I took 2 Summers ago. Jeez Louise, I'd love to be there right now! It's cold here!

And this is one on a gloomier day in San Diego...

And then on the same gloomy day there's me 2 Summers ago, the Summer I fondly refer to as my Tan Summer... maybe I'll have to make this year another Tan Summer :)

Anyway there it is! Good Thing #8. And I LOVE it! Hopefully we'll at least be able to visit the Ocean sometime soon. I'd love to see Greyson's reaction, even though I have a sneaky suspicion he'll be a little frightened of how huge and loud it is... But he'll get over it, the Beach is just too much fun!


  1. Beach babies are so fun & funny! Nervous about it and the sand at first but then LOVE it! We go like once a week during summer! Kids live it, mommas get a little tan and then they sleep SO well after! Lol

  2. that was a fun time : ) I'd love to see Greyson at the beach... so much SAND!