Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Thing #9

Warm and Sunny Days
(Especially Welcome as a Post-Winter Surprise!)

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. There's been quite a few beautiful days in the last few weeks, but G and I haven't really been able to enjoy it because we were stuffing envelopes and/or sick. So I just couldn't see myself keeping G couped up in the house all day, so as a last minute decision, we hooked up with another mommy-friend and her little girl and hit the park. It wasn't windy so we didn't get any of the coolness coming off of the mountains where there's still snow, and I don't remember seeing any clouds. Spring is def-definitely here. And even though it made its presence a little too well known by giving me a surprise sunburn (luckily G didn't get burned), I'm oh so happy that Winter has passed. We had lunch at the park by the river, I indulged G with a couple french-fries (baaaaad mommy), the babies wrestled, and we went for a great walk. It was an awesome day, and totally worthy of Good Thing #9...

Tomorrow will hopefully be a repeat day (sunscreen included), Lawd and weather willing....


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  1. He looks like Zack... and you of course : )