Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Thing #16: An Awesome Birthday Present

For my 23rd Birthday from my Dad and Snoopy

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 in Blue

I SO needed a new camera. I had a little purple Nikon Coolpix that I got from WallyWorld for about $100 2 years ago, and it's be great. I could have a little something to take a picture with, and when Greyson was born (and he didn't move much) it was so nice to have. BUT now that he's growing up and moving around a lot more and a lot more quickly than he used to, my little purple go-to just wasn't cutting it. All my picture would be blurry, and it was take for every to focus. It also didn't take very good indoor pictures without the flash, and something about the flash made the pictures look terrible - like everyone was under fluorescent lighting. Also, since my Coolpix was 2 years old, things were starting to go. Like something the lens cover wouldn't open, and I'd have to manually pry it open. And the zoom toggle would get stuck and it would zoom in and out way too fast.

So yesterday I come home from running around town and there's a box from on my porch. What? What did I order from Vitacost? Then I saw it had my dad and Snoopy's as the return address, then I thought, "What did they get me from Vitacost?" Well duh, that's just the box they mailed my awesome new amazing camera in. I love it. It's all HD, has GPS, has a really "juicy" 3" display screen, takes great pictures,  and because I'm a girl I have to mention that yes, I love the color. It's much more sensitive in a good way than my CoolPix was, and has tons more scene options. And I have yet to catch a blurry moment from G (it's only been a day, but still.) And it's not a honkin' huge one which is great because I can just toss it in my purse or diaper bag - it has a great little case too. It takes HD movies. It has "Intelligent Auto" mode which basically assesses what you're taking a picture of and does it's best to make that picture great. So yes, I love it.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took yesterday. Just a small photo bomb :)



  1. Cute! I actually have a purple Nikon CoolPix as we I like it a lot because it's small and easy to take everywhere. I had another camera since high school that was thicker, had a small screen, and was just harder to maneuver. Tony got me the Nikon when we moved to Oregon last year, as a moving present lol. I personally love it. It seems to do everything I need (I'm a super simple girl and I'm actually not into all that high tech stuff). I figure I'll get a new one in the next year or so, but since Tony takes any of our "important pictures" with his expensive cameras and equipment, my little Nikon is just perfect for toting around and capturing moments :) I like the color or your new one! :)

  2. My Coolpix got the job done. But like I said, lately Greyson's moving so fast I can't capture him! PLUS I got one of the simpler Coolpix. I know they have different levels of sophisticatedness :P

  3. awesome! it does take great pics!