Saturday, April 23, 2011

If Dale was human...

If Dale (my dog) was a human, Zack would be in DEEP. I mean because he'd have some pretty stiff competition. Anyone else agree that their dog would be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend (in human form, of course)?

Dale's cute, he listens to me, he's an excellent cuddler (but not TOO cuddly i.e. clingy), protective, active, energetic, funny, goofy, and I just know that if he had hair that it'd be in that perfect Elvis coif (as evident by his loppy, floppy ears). AND he'd be totally loyal and I'd catch him staring at me all the time - to which Britney can attest. And he's so manly he absolutely refuses to use any type of dog bed; he'd much prefer the ground. And he's a bit egotistical which I kind of like when it's warranted. He prances around a lot and shows off his big beautiful tail. I don't know why people crop Blue Heelers' tails - they're so full and pretty. And he loves me so much he can't even eat if I'm away. And he doesn't drool or snore or fart - I mean I'm sure he drools, and snores, and farts but honestly I never catch him! 

So yep, he's basically the perfect boyfriend... except for the whole dog breath and four legs thing....


  1. That dog is sooo pretty! I love the colors and markings!

  2. lol that was a great read!!!