Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Thing NUMBER 20!


Alright, I've never really used coupons before. I mean yeah if I get a freebie coupon somehow and it happens to be something I use then yes, I've used it. BUT this whole Extreme Couponing show has me reeling! These ladies are absolutely insane and more than likely a little OCD, but they know their stuff. And I'm impressed and I officially have a new role model: The Krazy Coupon Lady. She was my favorite one from the show, and turns out she has her own couponing blog. So there, there's my plug for her!

Anyway, I went to Walgreens today and only bought stuff I had a coupon for and this is my haul for the day! My total was $68.82 and I paid $33.43. Now compared to extreme couponers my 52% savings isn't much, but for a newbie who's never ever couponed before, I'm ecstatic! Oh yes, I'm high-fiving myself...

In case you're interested, this is what I got for $33.43:
(4) rolls of Tuf paper towels
(2) boxes of Hefty baggies
(5) boxes of Royal gelatin
(2) packages of Dial soap (8 bars in each pack)
(4) boxes baking soda
(3) cans of tuna
(3) bars of Yardley soap
(3) bottles Ajax dishsoap
(5) cans Progresso soup
(3) packages of Betty Crocker corn bread mix
(4) cans Arizona tea - Zack LOVES this stuff
(3) boxes Kraft Mac 'n Cheese




  1. that is awesome! We are doing that also, but we haven't gone shopping yet!

  2. Very nice! I always love bargains to begin with so I really love when I get a good haul! :) Good job!

  3. Did you also know that one of the Extreme Couponing ladies is the sister of Ashley, the new Bachelorette? Just found it interesting.... :)

  4. Awesome! You'll get better and better the more you do it! Drug stores are bomb when it comes to coupling hauls!