Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Thing #22: When rules are followed...

"All socks left in the living room will find a new home in the GARBAGE."

I am absolutely amazed at the effectiveness of a Posted Rule. I mostly did it to draw attention to the fact that yes, I'm serious, I don't want to pick up your dirty crusty socks every day. I'm actually thinking of framing all the rules I want followed in little 4x4 frames. I tell you what, it may be a little high-handed of me and a little bossy, but I haven't had to pick up one stray sock (other than Greyson's but he gets a free pass) since I put this piece of paper up a month ago.

The next one I'm going to post will probably be "Any food left on the dishes or in the sink will be your lunch tomorrow."


  1. You are so much nicer than me! I would've thrown the socks away :] I put up notes at the office when I was there though..