Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Thing #17: Getting Stuff for Free

Extreme Couponing


These ladies are absolutely nuts! But brilliant! I have this series DVR'd so I'm catching up on it this morning, and I have to tell you I'm newly obsessed. I want to do this! I don't want to have as enormous stock-piles as these woman because I think it's a crazy AND I just plain don't have the room. But if I could get $600 worth of stuff for $6, I'mma do it. So, all I need to get ready is a binder and some plastic sheets with multiple pockets to organize my coupons, and I'm set.

Dang, wish I would've watched this yesterday when all the coupons were out in the papers.... Oh well, I'll start Sunday!


  1. This is hilarious.... You are thinking my exact thoughts! I watched this last night before Tori & Dean and I was amazed at the stuff they got for free! That was crazy! I was telling Tony that I dont want huge stockpiles in my house (maybe because I'm so crazy organized that I would just feel it was majorly cluttered and I dont know if I could get past it - I also know I couldnt store BBQ sauce and oatmeal in my 2 year old daughter's room LOL). But if I did, it would definitely be like that lady's who was so organized. Haha. I dont know if I would have the guts to go into a store with other people waiting in line behind me and do 18 separate transactions though.... I'd probably at least want someone to go with me! ;) I already use a lot of coupons and I save a lot (Tony is shocked sometimes) but I've never gone THAT far. When I went to get some new maternity stuff to start out in the other week, I got $209 worth of stuff for $54. So I was pretty pleased :)

  2. We signed up for and it helps you get your lists, tells you where the sales are and how to do it. I think its $10 a month but soo worth it!