Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Thing #15: Click-it or Ticket

Click-it or Ticket

So yesterday Zack comes home and silently handed me this paper. He's supposed to take his CDL test this week and I was all excited because I thought it was his test! Nope. It was a ticket.... for not wearing his seat belt... for $74.50!!! They used to not be able to pull you over for not wearing your seal belt but they can now! Now, I'm not I'm not happy about having to fork over $74.50, but I AM happy that he got busted. He never EVER wears his seat belt. It must be a guy thing because I don't think I know any guys who DO wear their seat belt. It's like it's much more macho to risk death by not wearing your seat belt... I mean if you're going to prove your muy-macho-ness by showing how tough you are, do it by doing something cool like sky-diving or wrestling or something. Not something as lame as just not wearing your seat belt. You can't be tough if you're dead. So yep, it's a Good Thing he got busted because now he's going to wear his seat belt and be safe. PLUS little boys like to imitate their dads, right? So now Greyson won't be able to say "Well, DAD doesn't wear HIS seat belt!"


  1. Tj wears his seatbelt, but sometimes I have to remind him. In CO they can pull you over if they suspect your child isn't properly seated as well, which I'm sure you have nothing to worry about there but just so you know :]

  2. well, hopefully lesson learned. J.R. got a ticket for going in the carpool a few weeks ago. It came in the mail and the night BEFORE it was due he called me saying, "remember that ticket..its due tomorrow and its $427!!!!" I hung up on him.

  3. $427?!?!?! Oh. My. Gosh. Could you go to court and dispute it?? I so would have if only for the possibility of getting it lowered. Holy Cow!